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Two dimensional laser projection of a
three dimensional representation of a
four dimensional object.
Overview of harmonic intervals to show the relationships
between the different ratios and their representing notes
in different tuning systems.
USB-powered cooling laptop stand
made from one A4 sheet of material.
Spherical video experiment. Patch that converts four rectilinear
camera views into one 4K or 8K equirectangular texture.
Watch on youtube in 4K 360° (on supported browsers).
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Experiment with extreme noise and depth blur.
Wall decoration made with light-absorbing tape.
Application that connects a Novation Launchpad to a Moog Slim Phatty.
It features an experimental custom interval-based sequencer for melody and individual
step sequencers for each function in the Phatty that are accessed and influenced by
turning the respective dials. Watch on youtube with audio.
Triangular pixel sampling effect. Size and color of
each triangle are influenced by the input texture.
Watch on youtube.
Categorized overview of analog synthesizer modules,
musical instruments, effects, controllers, peripherals,
electronics, software and more in order to find
opportunities for new development.
Three-bit variable digital-to-analog converter.
A 3-bit binary coded signal is converted into a single control voltage. Each
step can be manually tuned using a physical slider. This can be used to create
a truly custom analog scale. An LED shows which value is currently active.
Glitched logo for JNK Illustrations.
Made with custom pixel displacement
and sorting shaders.
Reverse pixel sorting algorithm.
The original location of each pixel is stored in an additional
texture to enable the image to be sorted back to the original.
Watch on youtube.
Animated logo for Paaspop.
Watch on youtube.
100 megapixels algorithmically generated images.
Max patch to read out and control all parameters
of the Moog Slim Phatty using 14-bit MIDI.
Combination of custom generative
and processing point and pixel effects.
Interactive live performance art setup. Using an IR camera, a
projector and a custom piece of software, the painting comes
alive through projected visuals while it is being drawn.
In collaboration with JNK Illustrations.
Texture generation built with jit.gl.pix
pixel processing and a feedback loop.
Watch on youtube.
Algorithmically generated music.
The rules and guidelines for writing classical music are
implemented by the software to create new music in real time.
More information and examples are available on hfgdebruin.com.
Spacer to create a modular LED grid using 5mm LEDs.
Pixel distortion and displacement effects
on an illustration by JNK Illustrations.
Piece of software that maps notes, chords
and scales onto the fretboard of a guitar.
Macbook retina extension for Kensington lock support.
Designed for and prototyped using 3D printing.
Real-time generated interactive 3D visuals for a dual projector setup.
Watch on youtube in 4K with audio.
Combining audio and video inputs in real time.
Watch on youtube in HD with audio.
Experiment with own VJ software.
Watch on youtube in HD with audio.
VJing system built in Max. Always under construction
and regularly used live by Dropsnor & Vleesboom VJs.
Wall clock that displays the current time using color and light.
On this render the time is approximately 6 o'clock.
Experiment with Conway's Game of Life.
Watch on youtube in 4K with audio.
Concept for a guitar with movable humbucker.
RGB color spectrum mapped on the
X, Y and Z axes of an interactive cube.
Application to control different outputs of a shared sound card through a network.
Musicians can control their own monitor mix on their own computer.
3D printed set of physical controllers for the TagTiles console from Serious Toys.
The controllers work wireless and without a battery by using the RFID localization technology in the TagTiles console.
Noise moving through a 3D object.
In real time generated with own VJ software.
Watch on youtube in HD.
Prototype for interactive live visuals
for a doom/sludge metal band.
Watch on youtube.
Electric guitar with added digital and analog sensors.
By connecting the frets, the strings can now be read out as an analog sensor.
Incoming audio generates and influences a 3D shape.
In real time generated with own VJ software.
Watch on youtube in HD with audio.

Interactive fractal.
Interactive website that loads movies from youtube and places
them in a 3D environment that responds to cursor movement.
Dropsnor & Vleesboom is a collaboration with Roel de Jonge.
Interactive 3D wireframe distortion.
Watch on youtube in HD with audio.
3D flash experiment with Actionscript 3.
Cursor speed and direction define the behaviour of the blocks.
Optimal point of view.
Custom effects that generate shapes using visual representations of
an audio waveform and optical flow data of a video feedback loop.
Exploration of shapes
for garden furniture.
Album art for We Killed Bambi in cooperation with JNK Illustrations.
Physuals is a system for live visuals that are triggered by physical
input from a drummer. Some demo videos are available on youtube.
In cooperation with Willem Knijnenburg.
Concept for an easy to understand audio mixer.
Product idea Stackerdoos;
a stackable multiple socket.